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Tips On How To Use Graphic Design To Help Grow Your Business

April 12, 2014 | by Dale | category Graphic Design

Graphic design is basically the arrangement of images and text in a proper and easy to understand way so as to convey a particular message. In a business, the role of graphic design is quite significant as its effect is felt in a variety of media such as business cards, newsletter design, logo design, letterheads, website design, annual reports, flyers, and brochure design amongst a whole list of other enviable activities. At the core of graphic design is the ethos that people get more interested in things or items that are visually more appealing. For any entrepreneur or businessman it is therefore imperative to fully appreciate how graphic design help grow your business. It does this through several ways;

It captures the interest of clients

good-graphic-designWhether it is a product or service, if it is properly packaged and well presented to the masses, it is bound to grab their attention and create some positive buzz around the product or service. A well designed website is bound to attract more clients and have them spend more time on the site than they would otherwise have. Improved client traffic can be easily translated into profits for an organisation if there are proper planning and structures.

Good Design Affords you better Presentation

marketing-infographic-300x259-300x250Irrespective of the market space you may be playing in, the truth of the matter is that competition is bound to be very stiff. Proper graphic design on your packaging or in your flyers is bound to give you an edge over products or services that have not engaged proper or qualified graphic designers in their marketing or product development team. This offers you an opportunity to push more products or services to your end consumer.

Has a very high return on investment

Unlike many other facets of the business whose overall impact on the business bottom line can be difficult to quantify or actualize, the overall impact of graphic design on your business is easily measurable. The effect of it on your business can be far reaching to say the least. The effect of a well designed logo can at times be the difference between success and failure of your business. A well executed product launch with a well designed product can either leave the company in the red or steer it to the next level and ensure growth.

Your Clients will be happy

Happy-ClientsAs any business enterprise will acknowledge, there is nothing more important to any business than a happy and satisfied client. A well packaged, colorful and properly delivered product or service is bound to leave your clients grinning with joy. No amount of money or advertising can replace that feeling and level of trust such a client has. Satisfied and happy clients always end up being repeat customers who you can count on at any given time to support your business endeavors. Such clients also tend to be brand ambassadors who will be able to market your product through word of mouth at virtually no cost whatsoever.

It is worth noting though that like any other business endeavor; graphic design should and must be implemented with care and after detailed and painstaking planning so as to ensure its success.

The Link Between Web Design and Graphic Design

April 2, 2014 | by Dale | category Graphic Design, Web Design

Is-a-web-design-degree-worth-it-245x300While web design and graphic design may have their differences, they are not completely like chalk and cheese because they do share a lot of things in common! When you understand the differences between these two, you will be able to approach your design correctly. In order to understand the differences and to grasp the similarities between the two better, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the two.

The term ‘graphic’ design is concerned with the process of presenting ideas through typography, images, graphics and so on. Therefore these apply to the print industry mostly. Such designers are generally involved in branding materials such as posters, brochures, print work or artwork used on websites. The term ‘web design’ on the other hand refers to the process of presenting ideas on the World Wide Web through the websites. Unlike graphic designers, web designers have to be careful about the screen resolution and size of the graphics, at times even compress them in order to ensure that the website is not weighed down by the graphics.

How Graphic Design and Web Design Are Related

web-design-tipsWhile these two may not be the same thing, they do share a lot of similarities and are not completely distinct from one another. Precisely speaking, these two are interlinked with one another in a variety of ways. Out of the two, graphic designing is definitely harder because it is a more complex process. Nevertheless, both graphic designing and web designing use typography and they swear by JPEG images in order to create the desired effect. What makes JPEGs so useful is the fact that these can display millions of different colors; so these are ideal for graphic designers to create print designs. Also, JPEG is a format that is widely supported by all internet browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on, therefore even web designers like to work with JPEGs.

Another major similarity between the two is the fact that both make use of color tone in designs in order to create the right mood. Apart from colors, both graphic and web designers value the art of choosing the right font in order to make an exceptional design. Whether it is the print designs or the website ones, one shouldn’t take chances with fonts. In the field of graphic designing, the most commonly used fonts are Verdana, Arial and Times new Roman. So, you will find a lot of graphic designers and web designers using these fonts for their outputs.

Although web design and graphic design are said to be dependent on the creativity of the designer in question, these still have to observe certain rules, principles and trends in order to produce a good quality design. Also, both these processes require the designer to identify and understand the flaws pertaining to their designs from the viewpoint of the audience so that their designs would be able to successfully influence the prospective customers and target audience.