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Learn Graphic Design Skills At The Comfort of Your Own Home

June 12, 2014 | by Dale | category Graphic Design

Getting started with graphic design can be a confusing process. There are hundreds of institutions out there and all of them are trying to lure people to join them. Some are genuine while others are just out there to make. This makes it very hard to choose the right one for you. However, did you know that you can learn graphic at home? Learning graphic design skills at your own home is a practical and accomplishable task. You don’t even need expensive or complicated materials and tools. All you need is a computer, time and patience. Read on for more information on how you can learn graphic design without going to school.

Learn Graphic Design skills at Home

1. Get a computer

The first thing you have to do is get a laptop or a desktop computer. You also need to be computer literate. If you are already computer literate, then you must be familiar with some basics. Some basics like cut, crop, copy and paste, rotate, move, paint and others will be of great help to you.

Also lean about the different formats of saving graphics for their different purposes; JPEG, PNG and GIF. Other things you need to know include scaling, shading to add effect, headers, typography, background, boarders, page layout, designing symbols and adding textures and other special effects


2. Get Familiar with graphic design tools

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with graphic design tools. For example, the Adobe PhotoShop program is a good image editing suite. As a beginner who wants to understand how to use PhotoShop, you need to learn to use some functions like the lasso or magic wand. Other options you can use for graphic design include PhotoScape or GIMP.

All these tools and programs are very important when it comes to graphic design.


3. Look for resources

Find a good online resource or an instruction material pertinent to a tool of choice. When you go online, you will find very many guide books that can greatly help you learn graphics. One useful program is Adobe Flash.


4. Practice

After getting useful resources, start practicing. It is said that practice makes perfect and so make sure you complete all the tasks in your guides you have. Keep on practicing until you see some improvements. A good example is a universal graphic-design tutorial that involves creating some background for the computer desktop or a website background. An individual trying to complete such a task needs to see if he/she can create an aesthetically pleasing & professional backdrop.


5. Apply your skills

You need to apply your skills to some custom practical objectives. ‘For example, a website template is a good project for beginners .


6. Publish your work

After completing a project, publish it for other people to see. For example’, if you were working on one website banner, try to use the banner on a good website and then conduct a poll. Make sure you ask the people who visit the website what they feel and think of your designs. This will also give you a chance to show off your graphics. You can even get some few suggestions from other graphic designers on how to improve your skills.

Know How To Find Graphic Design Jobs

June 1, 2014 | by Dale | category Business, Graphic Design

Best-Places-to-Find-Graphic-Design-Jobs-300x300If you have studied graphics design and are now a competent professional, the most likely thing on your mind is how to put your skills to practice. Indeed, finding a god job is what will make you fulfilled in your career. However, it is without a doubt that there are people who do not find jobs as fast as they want. This is despite the fact that there are many job openings especially for designers. If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, it definitely is because you do not know some of the things that you should consider. Here is how to find graphic design jobs.

Prepare a Good CV

Finding-Graphic-Design-Jobs-300x222You start by marketing yourself to potential employers. These are the design companies in your area or ion the specific area where you would like to work. In order to do this, you should have a presentable CV both in hard and soft copy. You just never know which type the employer will ask for when there is a vacancy. Your CBV should sell your best attributes so as to convince the company that you have something good to add to their work. Remember that when they are hiring you, they do not see to do you a favor but they are looking for way to make their companies excel.

Establish Contacts with Other Designers

Graphic-Design-Internship-300x209You also should start communicating with other designers who influence people in the industry. If you know of a former colleague who has already found employment, keep in touch so that when there is a vacancy, they will not hesitate to inform you. The point here is to take yourself to the employer instead of making them to come for you. The fact that there definitely are many other people who are looking for good graphic design jobs should make you aggressive.

Get Online

menial_1There are people who do not understand that in the modern job market, the best opportunities are found online. Indeed, many leading organizations will post these job advertisements on their websites. Others will use online recruitment agencies in order to find good workers. The reason behind this is that it is easier, faster and cost effective to go online than when doing it the traditional way. Just find an online agency, register and upload your CV as well as anything else that they may require from you. You just never know when that opportunity will come knocking.

Although job opportunities are increasingly becoming scarce, that should not be reason for you to despair. Every graphic designer has that dream company that they would like to work for. However, before you get there, it will be much better if you get involved in other smaller opportunities. You can even get short term contracts from the smaller companies. Not only will they pay your bills – they will make your more experienced and increase your chances of landing the big job. It is all about knowing how to find graphic design jobs.