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What is responsive web design all about?

August 10, 2014 | by Dale | category Graphic Design, Web Design

You have probably heard about terms such as responsive design, html5, and so on in the past. This is the recent trend in web design and a great leap forward in terms of support for multiple devices, native multimedia playback without the need for additional plugins and so on. In the next couple of sections, we will break down responsive web design and the technologies that have made it possible.

Responsive Design 101

responsive-web-design-300x207In the past, designing a website that would be accessed from both mobile devices and computers was quite a hurdle. A different version of the site had to be built for each screen layout and most of the time, two different sites needed to be build. The mobile site was accessed through a different address such as while the desktop version would be accessed through the usual There had to be a different team on each version of the website especially for sites that needed constant maintenance and updates.

Responsive design came along to solve the headache that web designers had been facing for years. With this form of web design, you only need to make one version of the website and it will adapt itself automatically to fit the specifications of the device it is being accessed. This way, both mobile and desktop can access and receive the version of the website that best fit their devices. Responsive design makes use of new technologies such as html5, css3 and JavaScript. Let us take a brief look at these technologies.


This version of html has been a huge step forward in the world of web design. A lot of new features were introduced in this feature making it possible to watch videos and listen to audio content natively inside the browser without having to install third party plugins. The new tags that were introduced in this version have also made it much easier to get a website up and running with the minimal amount of effort.


Disadvantages-of-Responsive-Web-DesignThis is the technology that brings all the beauty to responsive web design. Through the use of media queries, a site can determine the specifications of the device you are accessing it from and format it to make the best use of things such as screen size and processing power. This is all done automatically in the background and ensures a consistent user experience between different devices.


Last but not least, JavaScript can be considered to be the engine that powers websites that are responsive. It is responsible for things such as animations and can be used together with CSS3 to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience on a website. It is also used to build web applications that are fast and responsive.

The three technologies put together are what makes responsive web design what it has become today. They work hand in hand to ensure that you get a consistent, fluid and fast experience when visiting a website regardless of the device that you are using. Even though there are other developments being made in this field, responsive web design has proven to be a life saver for every web designer, website owner and online business.

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What is a Graphic Design Artist?

August 2, 2014 | by Dale | category Graphic Design

A question that many have is what is graphic design, brochure design, business card design. Graphic design is a very important part of web design. Graphic Design is a very competitive industry that attracts talented people with an eye for detail. People with exceptional creative talent usually stand out in this field and are very successful. Experienced graphic designers usually move on and start their own business and produce work for a wide range of customers.

Graphic Designers

graphic-designGraphic designers work for a wide range of clients. They might work for a book publishers, magazine, newsletter publisher, small startups, website owners. They are responsible for creating all types of designs for their clients. The graphic designer works with text and graphics. They are experts at combining the two elements into an artistic masterpiece for their clients. For example, on a web page they might select the right graphics, fonts, logo, and colors for the website. They work closely with the web copywriter to make sure that the design flows together properly. A graphic designer is able to use the text, graphics, images, and colors, to create a website, sales material, advertising material, brochures, newsletters, and even business cards for their clients.

Graphic Designer Typical Duties

The duties performed by a graphic designer during the day are varied. Most start their day in an office or at the computer. They meet with clients and discuss the work they wished completed. They give the clients input on their strategies to complete the job. They work with the client to determine the right advertising message to convey to the consumer. They develop graphics, logo’s, and images for the client. They arrange another meeting with the client to discuss the designs that were created. They complete the designs and publish them for their clients.

Brochure Design

brochure-design-250x250Graphic designers like to distinguish their services by providing their clients with a wide range of services. One very distinctive design service is brochure design. Certainly, brochures are a very powerful marketing tool for the business owner. Surprisingly, a number of business people attempt to design their own business brochure. However, they might lack the skills and necessary creative talent to properly design an aesthetically pleasing brochure that captures the attention of the consumers. Brochure design is best handled by a creative professional that has plenty of graphic design experience and the ability to create attractive designs that market their clients company or business effectively.

Business Card Design

A professionally produced business card is a very effective marketing tool that increases business awareness and sales. Business cards create a strong impression in the customer’s mind that last for a long time. Certainly, it is important that the card create a positive impression. Poorly designed business cards are often discarded. Professionally designed cards create a strong impression and are silent sales partners for the company or business owner. A graphic designer is key to creating the type of business card that is distinguished above the rest. They have the talent to design an eye catching business card design that effectively communicates the clients message.