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Tips For a Great Brochure Design

May 7, 2014, by Dale, category Brochure Design, Graphic Design

brochure-designA brochure can either make or break a sale. You might think that physical brochures are not necessary anymore particularly in the digital era, but that’s not true. A professionally designed as well as a printed brochure can actually be a very important lead –nurturing tool. Once you meet somebody face-to-face especially for the first time, it could either be at a certain event, initial sales meeting or trade show; you take your time to study each other’s businesses. however, after you leave, what happens? A good-executed capabilities brochure will definitely remind your prospects of the kind of services you tend to offer and also what sets you aside from the existing competition.

A brochure may be more effective in the first contact than other marketing assets since it’s immediate. Your prospect will not necessarily take time to simply visit your website simply after the initial meeting. Given that your brochure is right there in front of your prospects, it will definitely intrigue them to study more about the business and then afterwards visit your website.

Which are some of the tips on how to design a brochure?

brochuredesignbookEnsure that you put an attention –grabbing cover

The chances are that your prospects have got very short interest spans. In case your brochure cover doesn’t immediately catch their attention and also attract their interest, they will not open or even read the rest of your brochure. In order to attract the attention of the targeted audience, always combine a visually attractive design that has an attention –grabbing headline which addresses a very powerful benefit for your customers.

istockphoto_10217918-my-designHave a compelling content

If at all you care much more about your prospects as well as your business, then you must have a compelling content in your brochure. Your prospects are not concerned about the detailed history of the business but instead, they would like to know how your service or product can assist them save time, get more sales, lower costs, or run their businesses more effectively. Always focus the content on both the problems and also the challenges your clients face and still how you would solve them better that the other competitors. You can use graphs, images or charts to aid support your content whereby you will convey your message very quickly.

A influential call to action

The main reason of the brochure is simply to move individuals to the next stage of the sales sequence. Would you like your customers to visit your site? Pick up their phones and then call you for free estimates? An excellent call to action usually tells your readers precisely what you would like them to do.

publisher-brochureChoose the right paper

Print shops normally use 100 1b or 80 1b paper for printing the brochures. You should choose the right paper for your brochure. Also, using a heavy paper can make you look like a good professional to your potential clients. Also, ensure that visual elements of the brochure such as the color, imagery, logo, color etc align with and also support your brand.

These are some of the tips on how to design a brochure. You can simply use them to perfect your business.


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